April 17th, 2006


[Mod Post] These are the rules I just made up...

And I'm backing them up with this rifle, donated by the National Rifle Association...

Welcome to my, darknessdivine's, artblog. Here I'll post various sketches, comics, and finished pieces ranging from fandom (mostly KHII right now, as I'm obessed) to original pieces.
Please do not use or redistribute any art without my full express permission.

Also, do not join this community if you are offended by homosexuality, polyamoury (threesomes and such), smut, crude behavior, and total retardation. Basically, please come here armed with a good sense of humour. Please respect fellow comm members, and respect me as well (bitch! >o). All in all, we're here to look at my art, have a good time and fangirl (or boy) over the characters.

Critques are welcome, critiques are wanted. If you are of considerable artistic skill, don't be afraid to take one of my sketches and red-line over it if you see some anatomical oopsies (in fact, I'd prefer it if you did).

Ciao and enjoy!



[KHII] And to christen the art blog.

Title: Learning to swim.
Rating: G
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: RikuSoraKairi
Cross posted to: _threescompany_, khshippers
Babble: So instead of working on my last art concentration in college, I was cramping, feeling rather pissy and lamenting the lack of decent RikuSoraKairi fanarts and bemoaning D*sney's fan-art policies when I started drawing this. Frey got ahold of it and turned Flounder into a raving, baby eating lunatic, but alas, I had to erase him. Bry went retarded and was like "OMGMERMAIDS, DRAW MERMAIDS." So I did.
sfdlkajshfssohappywithit. I love Sora's not-arse. *__*
And as my scanner is a douche and does not like sketchbooks, it gets rather blurry at the end. Woe.
And, beware the gigantic watermark. All finished pieces will not have this. D: (And, oooooh, do I have plans for this. If I have enough finished pieces by the time Yaoicon comes around I may just have a booth. :D )

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